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Why Join B.I.N.G.

Connect with beverage and craft brew experts
  • B.I.N.G. Benefits

    B.I.N.G. Member Benefits Include:

    • Access to the private LinkedIn group and member forum, business tips, industry news, new leads and like-minded professionals who are serving the beverage industry.
    • Ownership of a particular service category within B.I.N.G.; your business is the “go-to” provider for that particular business need (i.e. banking, legal services, etc.)
    • Network at established and up-and-coming breweries – Monthly meetings with presentations from industry experts and plenty of time for networking are held the third Wednesday of every month at breweries throughout the Portland Metro region. The monthly meeting fee includes two beverage tickets for beer or non-alcoholic drinks.
    • Annual B.I.N.G – Crosby Hop Fest – You’re invited to the annual B.I.N.G – Crosby Hop Fest at Crosby Hop Farm where you’ll enjoy live music, hop farm tours, networking, beer on tap and more.


    Interested in joining B.I.N.G.?

    If the service category is not currently filled, please attend two meetings to make sure our networking group is a fit for you/your business. Register to attend the next B.I.N.G. event here: http://www.bingoregon.com/events/rsvp/

    Once you’ve attended two meetings, please click here to fill out a B.I.N.G. membership application.

About B.I.N.G. Oregon

B.I.N.G. is a networking organization dedicated to supporting the beverage industry, primarily the craft beer industry in Oregon. We are passionate professionals that each bring our own expertise to help provide clients a complete, full service solution to handle the business side of running a beverage business.

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