Maude Haney

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Human Resource Liaison The HR Group Cell Phone: 503-894-0602 Work Phone: 503-646-5716 Website: The HR Group website

The mission of The HR Group can be described in one powerful word: Support.

Support is the epicenter of our business. It means we bend over backwards to help our clients, making every effort to wow them by delivering remarkable service. The HR Group is obsessed with providing comprehensive solutions that will help our clients grow and thrive.

Our people are our key to success and client happiness. We know that we are all stronger when we help each other. We recognize each other’s contributions – and continuously make the effort to help support our teammates and clients, every step of the way. In everything we do, we strive for win-wins.



· Payroll tailored to your needs
· Just report the hours and relax
· Pay your employees any way they want

· Maintain and store employee records
· Administrate your existing benefits
· Handle all your disciplinary action

· Lower costs with better insurance
· Resolve workers’ compensation claims
· Implement Return-to-Work programs