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  • B.I.N.G. Application

    The B.I.N.G. group meets once a month to help each other develop their business by exchanging business leads and current marketplace information. Prospective members are only invited to attend a meeting if their business classification is not currently filled by an existing member in good standing.


    You must attend two meetings prior to having your membership considered for approval. Please make an effort to meet people and explain your company and products to people during these two meetings so we can properly evaluate you, your firm, and your fit with B.I.N.G.

    Requirements for membership:

    1. Be a member of the Oregon Brewers Guild

    2. Be an experienced, recognized professional in your field

    3. Offer excellent quality products, great customer service, and competitive pricing

    4. Have or be actively building a focus on the beverage industry

    5. Have the support of your firm/employer in building this focused business

    6. Not be in a field that is already represented by another existing B.I.N.G. member

    B.I.N.G. is a leads networking group.
    We meet on a monthly basis and communicate more frequently than that via email, phone, LinkedIn and other ways as needed. Members are expected to be engaged in the group and to share information and recommend each other.

    We are all working together to build each other’s business, and to build the industry.

    Expectations for Members:

    1. Attend 75% of monthly meetings; try to have an associate attend if you cannot
    2. Be responsive to requests from other members
    3. Get to know other members so we can confidently help each other

    Thank you for your interest in B.I.N.G.  If the membership seems to be a fit for you, please complete this form.






    Business Type

    Please answer the following questions and attach a company brochure or literature that will help to describe all aspects of what your company does.

    1. List the kind of leads or useful information that you will be able to contribute to the group

    2. What kind of leads or information would you wish to obtain from the group?

    3. Please list all areas your business covers, especially beverage industry related.

About B.I.N.G. Oregon

B.I.N.G. is a networking organization dedicated to supporting the beverage industry, primarily the craft beer industry in Oregon. We are passionate professionals that each bring our own expertise to help provide clients a complete, full service solution to handle the business side of running a beverage business.

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