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Building a Better Craft Brew Industry is their Business
  • Meet the B.I.N.G. Team

    These professionals came together to create B.I.N.G. early 2012 in order to bring the best possible products and services to the beverage industry. Together, their vision has evolved into a robust group that offers nearly all the services that a growing beverage business could need. With especially deep industry knowledge, they are always ready to offer advice, or steer a new business owner in the right direction.

    Jason Jordan
    Propel Insurance Services Inc.
    Jason Jordan has played a key role at Propel Insurance as a commercial insurance producer for over twelve years, with a specialized focus on business insurance needs for the hospitality & craft brewing industry. As a former chef and graduate of the Culinary Institute, Jason takes great pride in providing insight and knowledge to prospective business owner clients.
    Marcus Reed
    Craft Brew Alliance
    Marcus Reed is General Counsel with Craft Brew Alliance. Prior to his role there, he was Partner, Food & Beverage Team Leader at Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP. He developed specialized expertise in representing the business interests of breweries, brewpubs, restaurants, bars, hospitality vendors, and other businesses within the hospitality and beverage industries.
    Maria Pearman
    Perkins & Co.

    Maria Pearman honed her chops in the tax department of Perkins & Co, the largest local accounting firm in Portland, OR. After several years she struck out on her own to kindle an entrepreneurial flame that just wouldn’t go away. While in public accounting she's had extensive experience working within her niches: breweries and creative services agencies. 

    Patrick McCarthy
    Bank of the Cascades
    Patrick McCarthy has been in commercial banking, equipment leasing or mortgage ending for nearly 30 years, with the last 24 years exclusively in commercial banking. Starting at a small community bank in the San Francisco Bay area, Patrick moved on to a seventeen year trek with a niche bank, Silicon Valley Bank, focused on technology, life science and venture capital.
    Scott Pillsbury
    Rose City Label
    Scott Pillsbury is a founding member of B.I.N.G. and President of Rose City Label Company, a family owned business that has been a leader in the Northwest label market since 1928.
    Heather Sorensen
    Plugged In PR®
    Heather Sorensen is the Founder and President of Plugged In PR®. Heather has represented emerging startups to global industry leaders across numerous technology categories, launching dozens of products and services. Plugged In PR also fulfills marketing, PR and branding needs for businesses in the craft brewing industry including Crosby Hop Farm.

About B.I.N.G. Oregon

B.I.N.G. is a networking organization dedicated to supporting the beverage industry, primarily the craft beer industry in Oregon. We are passionate professionals that each bring our own expertise to help provide clients a complete, full service solution to handle the business side of running a beverage business.

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